Should marketing convert to immediate sales?

The short answer is ‘no’ because it’s not always its job. Let me explain.

Clients come to us not because they want marketing and communications services but urgent assistance with making cold hard cash.  We respect that.

Our response is always the same and that is marketing today may or may not create sales tomorrow.

If that’s the case, what’s the point in investing in marketing?

Time-limited promotions are often used as a part of a sales strategy and may create short-term sales but marketing campaigns designed to build awareness and interest in your brand, product or service will have a longer-term impact on sales, which may be difficult to measure.

A results-driven marketing strategy is designed to:

  • build awareness, interest and consideration for what you’re selling among consumers most likely, willing and able to buy it
  • to drive them to investigate and learn more about your product or service on-line or in-store.
  • appeal to those who may not be in a position to purchase today
  • create longer-term, relevant and positive memories for your brand when it comes time to part with their money

When I worked on the Mercedes-Benz account, their marketing efforts were dedicated to recruiting the next generation of luxury car buyers. Fully aware that it might be years before their investment paid off, they wanted to deliver the ultimate Mercedes-Benz experience to eventual entrants to the luxury car market for a decade before purchasing one.

Your sales strategy, which is highly dependent on your front facing sales people and purchase environment to facilitate, is responsible for converting interest to a firm transaction.  It was strict policy at Mercedes-Benz dealerships that no visitor is ever to be viewed as a tire kicker but a future owner and driver.

Marketing creates interest and further investigation but sales happen in the purchase environment regardless of what industry you’re in. Make the decision-making process a superior experience.

Let’s chat more about that next time.