Should you take the risk?

You’re thinking of going out on your own, it feels like the right time. The logic for doing so is sound. You have the support of those you trust. Excellent. As an entrepreneur myself, you can never fully prepare for the daily if not hourly journey of self-employment. It’s a game of sacrifice and reward,

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Think & Grow Rich – a Review for Business Book Lovers

Originally published in 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote a book that many business professionals today still consider the most important and motivational book on the shelves. I had three people bring it up in the same week – a clear sign that it was time to give it a read – and now that I’ve read it,

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What is a brand strategy?

I once worked for many years at a leading global market research agency with a previous background in brand management and advertising. On my first day, our regional CEO asked me to define the word “strategy” for him. I must confess I was rather nervous and struggled to deliver a crisp and intelligent answer. Instead,

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