The At Large Consultants

A core team of two, we pull from an army of dedicated consultants to ensure that for each tactic you are getting the right person for the job (and never the person sitting on the bench).

anneAnne McKinnon, Partner & Strategic Planning Director

Don’t be fooled by the pearls, there is nothing I like more than rolling up my sleeves and plunging my hands in the dirt. I’m talking about employee, candidate, customer and competitor research, of course.

Regardless of the type of strategy, there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to developing a solid and results-driven strategic plan.

A perfect day for me is spent working inside your offices and as a part of your team. Your brand is an external expression of your people and culture.

Marketing can only get you so far.  Its job is to create longer term memories and interest for your brand and in what you’re selling among key customer groups, which is why we don’t stop here.

Sales are the result of how well you convert interest into a transaction and you need to do it faster and better than your competitors.  We work closely with your people to optimize and facilitate the sales process… because ultimately marketing is marketing, sales are what you want.

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JasonKrellJason Krell, Communications Director

In the past, a career in public relations was associated with celebrities or high-stress, power-suit-wearing spin doctors making up stories over liquid lunches. While that sounds like it could be fun, today’s professional communicators are held to a high standard and integrated into organizations at the top level.

We work closely with senior leaders to ensure that all messages and materials are accurate, clear, timely and done using the most effective channels.

In our increasingly social world, words spread like wildfire, and being truly strategic means a lot of research, collaborating, planning and consistency. Package it beautifully, be true to your brand, and you too will earn a reputation to be proud of.

From energy to fashion, non-profit to restaurants, and beyond, At Large gives me the opportunity to work with people like you who want their organizations to thrive.

I aim to ensure that every dollar spent makes sense and inevitably leads to positive returns and revenue-generating results. Once that job is complete, we can celebrate.

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