Your organization is
doing well and growing.

You tell your story well.
But you can’t be everywhere.

You need to get those key messages solidified and get them out there.

Your team needs the tools, materials and systems that enable them to be as effective as you at closing the deal. All the while, keeping both internal and external audiences connected and excited about what’s coming next.

That’s where we come in.



We bring this to every
organization we work with.

And, with years of experience in our various fields, we collaborate and move quickly and purposefully with insight and unending curiosity. We uncover what is fascinating about your industry and your story. Moving you forward with confidence and making you look good.

We clarify, plan, create, execute, evaluate and streamline. Our insights and ideas break through the clutter and drive messages and tactics that vividly resonate and draw people to you.


Communications Director, AT LARGE

“I’m just a small town boy
in the big city—really.”

Prior to being At Large, Jason successfully ran a PR consultancy focusing on top fashion and lifestyle brands. While his job often found him shaking hands and rubbing elbows, his PASSION remained on his clients’ needs—always delivering creative communications strategies and revenue-generating results. Jason holds a bachelor of Applied Communications majoring in Public Relations from Mount Royal and has worked in an impressive range of industries in his dynamic career. In addition to being At Large as a professional communicator, Jason moonlights as one half of The Style Guys—a pair of fashion experts featured weekly on Virgin Radio, writing for newspapers and magazines, and appearing on television around the world for E! Network’s Celebrity Style Story and Cosmo TV's Styleography.


Strategic Planning Director, AT LARGE

“I just prefer the feeling of a pencil.”

Anne has dedicated her career to the brand building industry. Far too many to list, she has worked with the most TRUSTED household names from around the world. Chances are that if you have put it in your shopping cart, used it on your face, or parked it in your garage, she has run her pencil across it in her 20+ year career. Anne believes in optimizing the potential and performance of brands, large or small, always providing actionable and reliable strategic counsel. Anne is originally from Ottawa and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and an honours in Psychology from Carleton University.


Finance Director, AT LARGE

“We’ll have to budget for that.”

Dawn’s POWER to dissect sales systems, create reports and monitor cash flows can only be outshined by her bench-pressing skills. Dawn is trained in accounting, financial management, human resources, payroll procedures, financial reporting, and all levels of business operations, making her a secret weapon to every business she works with. She works with organizations that grow quickly and need to be precise in all of their internal processes. Dawn takes them from places where nothing seems to work anymore to well-oiled machines that wonder how they did it without her. When she’s not saving the world one spreadsheet at a time, she can be found blasting her quads at the gym.

A Process That Saves you
Serious Time & Money

1. Why do you want to spend your money doing this?

What are your business objectives? What do you want to achieve in the next year? How much further ahead do you want to be?

The dollars you spend should be tied to tangible objectives and outcomes. And if we know what those are we can help you get there much more quickly.

2. Getting everyone on the same page is key.

Using our streamlined process, we work with you to ensure you have well-defined target markets and the crisp, concise messaging that resonates, incites action and drives results. This is also where we uncover hidden challenges and identify new opportunities.

3. Prioritizing what you need and when you need it.

Optimizing your budget, we determine what has to happen for the next year to get you where you want to be. A solid plan moves you from being reactive, scrambling with last-minute marketing opportunities and random ideas to being proactive and assured.

4. Getting it done properly.

Here we execute the tactics. These could be things like a new website, written materials, marketing and sales tools, videos, public relations, events and social media. We take this off your hands, getting it done according to plan, and executed beautifully.

5. Measuring success.

We only know what’s working if we measure it.

Just some of the tactics we execute

Strategy, planning, research, naming companies, logos, taglines, stationery packages, brand standards manuals, website design, annual reports, stakeholder reports, investor packages, sales packages, point of sale materials, billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, direct mail, outdoor advertising, promotional goods, vehicle wraps, uniform design, office environments, PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos, blogs, media releases, packaging, posters, social media, internal communications, employee retention programs, customer loyalty programs, newsletters, email updates, illustrations, info-graphics, events, invitations, trade show booths, online advertising, brochures, and much more...

If it’s not on this list but it has to do with communications, marketing, advertising or PR we do it –
or we work with someone who is outstanding and does it for us.

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